How I do it

As someone who has spent nearly a decade training voice teachers, I’m very conscious of the different learning styles a teacher needs to be able to embrace to accommodate all students. If you decide to work with me, I’ll be keen to find out how you learn best. From the strictly phonetic, academic approach to the wildly creative – and everything in between – there’s a solution that will work for every student. It’s just a question of finding it!

How lessons are taught

Lessons can be taught a number of ways

  • You come to me
  • I come to you (a more expensive option!)
  • Skype – or Facetime (useful for some accent and speech work)

Lessons are usually an hour in duration, but other options are available.

For a more intensive learning experience, you can hire me for a daily – or half daily rate. This might be suitable for someone who really needs to nail an accent – or work on a speech for an important audition or presentation.

Student rates are available, but you’ll be expected to travel to me. I’m on the tube. Just….